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We offer a wide range of IT Repair Services

We have fixed literally tens of thousands of devices of all shapes and sizes. From office computers and iPhones to the highest spec gaming computers, Macbooks, Galaxy Tabs and beyond. With 20+ Years in business and combined experience of over 60 years in the computer industry.

Ran by enthusiasts in everything to do with tech. Some even say that we are Natural Born Geeks.

Desktop PC Repairs

We have over 20 years experience in repairing, upgrading and maintaining all manner of desktop computers. From simple home computers to full-fat gaming rigs to All-in-1’s our experience is vast.

Virtually any problem that you might have we have already encountered many times before and have a solution for.

Does our competitor have 20 years experience repairing desktops? We very much doubt it!

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Laptop Repairs

At The Media Shop we are true computer enthusiasts. Since the first days of our business we have been repairing all manner of problems to every make and model of laptop computer.

Our knowledge and experience, along with our focus on impeccable quality, allows us to perform our work to the highest possible standard.

Why would you settle for less? We won’t and neither should you!

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Apple Computer Repairs

For 2 decades we have been repairing Macbooks and iMacs. As they have become more popular, demand for their repair has continued to increase – as has our skill in working with them.

Now we can say that we offer a complete and comprehensive repair solution for Apple devices from simple software to Logic Board level repairs.

How much does this cost you ask? Well, it’s probably cheaper than you think!

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iPhone / iPad Repairs

It seems that everybody thinks that they can fix iPads and iPhones these days! That’s why we spend a good chunk of our time repairing the problems that have been caused by poor quality work.

All too often people get work done with substandard parts fitted incorrectly with a general lack of skill, attention to detail or focus on the quality of the completed repair.

But isn’t it better to go with the cheapest quote? Absolutely not! Buy cheap, buy twice!

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Android Repairs

Android devices now make up around 50% of the mobile devices in the UK today. And with more devices comes more problems for us to fix. From Samsung tablets to Google phones – we’ve got you covered.

Many repairers just can not handle the huge variety and variation of android phones and tablets and just cannot offer a skilled repair solution – but we most certainly can.

Does your alternative option have experience needed? We have fixed hundreds of models of Android devices!

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Software Repairs

Computer not as quick as it used to be? Not booting or maybe you have pop-ups? We know how frustrating it can be because we have all been there. But there’s no need to worry – we’ve got your back.

From installing new programmes to fixing simple software glitches and virus removal to full computer backups and software re-installations we can do it all – no worries.

Will I lose my data if i bring my computer in? Never. We treat customers data with care and respect.

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Soldering / Board Repairs

As Ellesmere Port’s number 1 tech repair centre for 2 decades we have lots of experience in dealing with soldering and board level repairs. From replacement power sockets to graphics chip repairs – we are at the top of our game.

At our shop we have a fully equipped workshop and the skills to utilise it. From soldering irons, hot air guns and heat plates to reflow machines, microscopes and sonic cleaners – we have it all.

My friend can fix computers, shouldn’t I take it to them? No armchair expert can fix the range of problems that we can!

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Water Damage Repairs

When you drop your phone in the sink, it’s not just the phone that gets the sinking feeling is it? It’s never a good day when this happens but we might be able to make it a little better. So don’t despair – turn it off and bring it in ASAP.

Water damage is a tricky one to fix, and it’s not always possible. It requires skill, specialist equipment and above all – a great deal of knowledge.

I dropped my phone in the bath, if I put it in rice it will be fine though! No… Just no. Follow these steps Firstly, Turn it off. And then bring it in. Simple!

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Data Recovery

You know that sinking feeling when you realise that you haven’t backed your computer up and now it wont boot? Or you have backed it up but your external hard drive or pen drive isn’t being recognised?

We have a number of techniques to get back your data from simple extraction to full forensic data skims. Our data recovery service has a high success rate of over 90%. So you don’t need to panic.

I accidentally formatted my external hard drive. I’ve lost my data, right? Not necessarily. We can usually recover your files for you!

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Phone Unlocking

We are able to unlock phones in an average of 48 hours with 70% of our network unlocks completed in that time and 90% within 72 hours. If, for whatever reason, we are unable to complete your unlock, we will refund you in full so long as the information that you have provided to us is correct.

This premium service doesn’t carry a premium price tag however! Our average unlock cost is between £25 and £35 with some model/ network combinations being even cheaper.

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Fantastic reviews from our amazing customers

If like many customers you’ve had your fingers burned by cowboy IT firms, hopefully our range of fantastic reviews across multiple platforms, helps to put your mind at rest.

The Media Shop

Fantastic shop… would recommend both for products and the very efficient repair service provided! They recently fixed a phone screen for me straight away and for a good price. They then went on to sort another issue with the phone and went above and beyond to do so!

Leanne Owen, Facebook

Overall rating
4.7 out of 5

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The Media Shop

Today these guys were amazing after having trouble with my phone. I went to these guys they showed me what was actually wrong with my phone and fixing it for me. Thank you so much, will recommend you.

Nicola Eaton, Facebook

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