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Have you smashed the screen on your iPhone or iPad?

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There is a huge demand for iPhone and iPad screen repairs. And not only screen repairs either. iPhone power socket repairs, iPad battery replacements, speakers replacements, microphone replacements, repairing touch screen problems, logic board faults, power issues, water damage and more.

Because of this demand these things are all targeted by inexperienced and unscrupulous so-called ‘repair shops’.

These shops, and there are lots locally, often entice people with cheap prices that seem to good to be true. Well, in fact, they are. They achieve these seemingly cheap prices by using substandard parts and poor quality labour. All too often they simply don’t know what they are doing and certainly don’t care about the quality or longevity of their repairs.

We have people come to us practically every day saying that they came to us for a quote but then went with a cheaper one only to find out in a few days or weeks (sometimes sooner) that they had been conned by cheap prices and had got bad quality.

Add to that all the ‘have a go heroes’ that think to themselves “Apple repairs? Easy! I can do that!” and you have a lot of insufficiently experienced people trying their luck on repairs that they should never have attempted!

Remember the old saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’? Well that is very relevant to iPhone and iPad repairs.

We spend a significant portion of our time in putting right the messes that were made by others. Poor quality parts, bad workmanship, total lack of attention to detail – we see it all. Don’t fall prey to these cowboys.

To learn from ones mistakes is one thing but to avoid then in the first place is much better. Especially when your expensive Apple device is on the line. At The Media Shop we are backed up by experience built up over 20 years in business and you are backed up by our NO FIX NO FEE policy and 6 months warranty on our repairs.

We are your local tech experts servicing the people of Ellesmere Port, Chester, Frodsham, Helsby, Bromborough, The Wirral and beyond with high quality, cost effective repair solutions to all Apple devices.

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If like many customers you’ve had your fingers burned by cowboy IT firms, hopefully our range of fantastic reviews across multiple platforms, helps to put your mind at rest.

The Media Shop

Fantastic shop… would recommend both for products and the very efficient repair service provided! They recently fixed a phone screen for me straight away and for a good price. They then went on to sort another issue with the phone and went above and beyond to do so!

Leanne Owen, Facebook

Overall rating
4.7 out of 5

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The Media Shop

Today these guys were amazing after having trouble with my phone. I went to these guys they showed me what was actually wrong with my phone and fixing it for me. Thank you so much, will recommend you.

Nicola Eaton, Facebook

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