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Bluetooth Adapters

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Jedel (USB3-BT-V4) USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter


Availability:(259) In stock

Stock Number:BT-JEV4

Part Number:USB3-BT-V4

Price: £3.90 Add to basket

TP-LINK (UB4A) USB Nano Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter, Plug and Play


Availability:Out of stock

Stock Number:BT-TPUB4A

Part Number:UB4A

Price: £12.65 Read more

Sandberg (133-81) USB Nano Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter, 25M Range, 5 Year Warranty


Availability:(14) In stock

Stock Number:BT-USBSB

Part Number:133-81

Price: £16.23 Add to basket

TP-LINK (UB400) USB Nano Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter, Plug and Play


Availability:(4) In stock

Stock Number:BT-TPUB400

Part Number:UB400

Price: £16.26 Add to basket

Asus (USB-BT400) USB Micro Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter, Backward Compatible


Availability:(46) In stock

Stock Number:BT-AUUSB

Part Number:90IG0070-BW0600

Price: £16.72 Add to basket

TP-LINK (UB500) USB Nano Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter


Availability:Out of stock

Stock Number:BT-TPUB500

Part Number:UB500

Price: £18.06 Read more

Asus (USB-BT500) USB Micro Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter, Backward Compatible


Availability:Out of stock

Stock Number:BT-AUUSB-BT5

Part Number:90IG05J0-MO0R00

Price: £23.67 Read more

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